ParkTrent is coming to Canberra!

We are pleased to announce our return to Canberra where we have two fantastic events being run at the Hellenic Club and The Abbey Function Centre.


Did you know that most people who have the ability to invest don’t? These workshops will show you why property investment works and explain a number of strategies that will allow you to start looking at your next purchase.


Some of the key points of the workshop include:
  • New and traditional ways to reduce your income tax
  • Explore the upcoming property hotspots around the country
  • Understanding market trends and what to expect over the next few years
  • Demonstrating how to cut years off your mortgage
  • Identifying the benefits of positive and negative gearing
  • How to secure your own and your family’s future
The workshop will run for approximately an hour, starting at 7pm, which will be followed by a Q&A and light refreshments.


About ParkTrent

ParkTrent Properties Group is an Australian real estate company specialising in property investment. As a full-service company it delivers all aspects of buying, selling, managing and renting property.

ParkTrent has helped tens of thousands of Australians realise their financial dreams through property investment.  It also has a close network of trusted mortgage brokers and access to other industry experts who can save clients precious time and money.

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“Very impressed that we can still buy property under $500,000.”

– Sheila

“Enjoyed every minute of Ron’s presentation.”

– Nabila

“A lot of people should come along and have a listen.”

– Callum