4 ways to make the most out of your small balcony


If you live in an apartment or unit in a densely populated city, chances are you don’t have much outdoor space to enjoy – unlike your suburban counterparts with huge backyards. Luckily, many apartments come with a balcony, and no matter what the size, you can turn it into the perfect oasis to escape from the concrete jungle that surrounds you! Here are 4 ways you can make the most out of your balcony:

  1. Create a garden sanctuary

Just because you lack a backyard doesn’t mean you should go without fresh flowers, herbs or vegetables! Most city balconies are quite small, but vertical gardening can allow you to build a decent garden as long as you have a bare wall or fence.  There are plenty of ways to create a vertical garden – from purchasing one from your local gardening supplies store to getting creative and building one yourself, the opportunities are endless!

  1. Get creative with seating

If your balcony doesn’t have enough room for a table and chairs, consider building a little bench at one end instead. It’ll give you a place to sit down and relax, as well as leaving plenty of room to stretch out your legs!

  1. Build a bar along the edge

If you’d prefer a place to sit and eat on your balcony, but still lack the space for a table and chairs, why not build a small bar along the edge? It won’t take up too much space, and will give you the room to sit and enjoy the view while eating meals or entertaining friends. If you can’t build a bar, you can also invest in a rail tray – a mountable tray that can be easily installed on the edge of your railing – which is perfect for renters!

  1. Install fairy lights

To add a little magic to your tiny balcony, try installing fairy lights or small outdoor lanterns along the balcony railing or above the doorway. You can also use fairy lights as an accent feature for potted balcony plants or a vertical garden. No matter how you decorate, fairy lights and lanterns can add an enchanting effect to your balcony space!