5 questions to ask before signing a lease

Moving into a new place can be exciting, fun and daunting all at the same time. However, whether it’s your first rental property or you are a serial renter, there are a number of things that you need to consider before signing on the dotted line.


  1. Does my rent include utilities?

In many cases, the landlord is responsible for the cost of utilities, such as water, gas or heat. However, it is important to clarify who is expected to pay before you sign the lease, as these extra expenses may not be included in your personal budget should you be the one expected to cover them.

  1. Is parking included in my rental agreement?

If you are renting a house, most of the time there will be a driveway or garage in which you are able to park your car. If you are renting an apartment, however, you may not be guaranteed a parking space. Ask your agent beforehand, and if no parking is available, be sure to check the street parking signage to avoid any parking fines at your new residence!

  1. Am I allowed to have pets?

Unfortunately for Fluffy, the majority of landlords do not approve of pets living in their rental homes, though sometimes you can compromise. Offering to have the carpets professionally cleaned upon your departure or paying extra rent for your pet can be discussed with the landlord, so ensure to ask your agent to pass along your questions.

  1. Where is the nearest public transport located?

If you’ve moved to a new city, learning where you live in relation to the nearest public transport is important, especially if you don’t have or plan to use a car. Using public transport is also a more environmentally friendly alternative to driving a car, as well as being cost-effective!

  1. Can I see the place at night-time?

Checking out your new home at night could make or break your decision to live there, as a place can look very different once the sun goes down. It is also a good way to get a feel of the new neighbourhood and whether you feel safe at night.