5 tips to spring clean your home


Spring has officially sprung, and we all know what that means – time to get spring cleaning and get rid of all that junk that has been cluttering your home during the winter months! While it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed at the daunting task of de-cluttering your home, the feeling of triumph, cleanliness and organisation is surely incentive enough to tackle the job. While sentimental attachment and a lack of organisation skills may contribute to your home looking like the next episode of Hoarders, we’ve got a few simple tips to help you spring clean in no time at all!

1. Create a to-do list for efficiency and to avoid becoming side-tracked while going through old items. Once you have a visual representation of everything that needs to be done, you’ll have a much better chance of staying focused and organised. Start by creating categories, such as clothes or books, and go from there!

2. Buy cheap storage containers to neatly store those beloved items that you really can’t bear to throw out yet. These can be stored out of sight and can often fit quite an exceptional amount of clutter. Don’t forget to label the boxes for easy retrieval!

3. Is your closet bursting at the seams with clothes that you never seem to wear, but can’t seem to throw away? Remove clothes that you haven’t worn in a year and place them in storage. If you haven’t missed them after six months, then donate them to a charity.

4. Beauty products and toiletries can often completely take over a bathroom. Did you know that these all have expiry dates? Double check your products, and if any have expired, be sure to throw them away (especially make-up!).

5. Learn to live by the phrase ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Did you just buy a new toaster? Even if the old one still works perfectly, there’s no point keeping something you’ll no longer use. Give your old one to a friend, to charity, or simply throw it away!