Development Update: Lantern


Lantern is nestled in between Collingwood’s thriving green spaces: Fitzroy Gardens’ magical, miniature village to the south, Yarra Boulevard’s cyclist and kayaker haven to the east, and Carlton Gardens’ historical, manicured lawns to the west. The latter is also where one will find the Melbourne Museum, a post-modernist fixture that walks the line between past and future.

Construction status as follows:

  • Lantern is progressing to programme thanks to great work of Orange Building Solutions
  • Work is being carried out on completing the basement, with the full retention works now complete
  • The tower crane has now been erected
  • Basement level 3 slab on ground has been poured, with basement level 2 slab anticipated to be poured by the end of February.

The key programme items are as follows:

  1. Site set up works – Completed
  2. Bulk excavation – Completed
  3. Basement works – In progress
  4. Structure works
  5. Services rough in
  6. Window glazing
  7. Facade cladding
  8. Internal fit out works
  9. Finishing works
  10. Practical completion

Anticipated completion is late 2017*.

Please find the latest site progress photos below.

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*Completion date is an estimate only and may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond ParkTrent and the developers control.