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Workshop Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what previous attendees had to say about their experience at a ParkTrent property investment workshop.

Building Wealth Through Property Investment with ParkTrent CEO Ron Cross

  • Robert, NSW

    “Brilliant. Enjoyed meeting Ron Cross.”

  • Keith, Victoria

    “Ron is an amazing speaker.”

  • Marie, Victoria

    “Ron was great.”

  • Nabila, Victoria

    “Enjoyed every minute of Ron’s presentation.”


Property Workshop Testimonials

Alan, NSW

“Information was better than expected.”

Maria, NSW

“Excellent night. Information was extremely beneficial.”

Bruno, NSW

“Information very clear and relevant. Speaker had a lot of expertise.”

Antonio, Victoria

“Really enjoyed the evening. The speaker was exceptional and did a wonderful presentation”

Max, NSW

“Enjoyed the night. Very informative.”

Ying, NSW

“Definitely useful information. All topics were relevant.”

Frank, NSW

“Information was very good. Excellent to know.”

Callum, Victoria

“A lot of people should come along and have a listen.”

Sheila, NSW

“Very impressed that we can still buy property under $500,000.”