How to Beautify Your New Home’s Backyard



A backyard can make or break a home. With a range of possible fixtures and styles and costs, it can seem incredibly difficult to transform your vision into a reality. But here’s a secret: it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

With the right planning, maintenance and perseverance, your yard could be the envy of the neighbourhood in no time; a serene, truly outdoor living space; a place to really call your own. Perhaps, unsurprisingly, a beautiful backyard has the extra benefit of adding significantly to your property value. With all these reasons, why not get started as soon as possible?

Everlast’s 20 years’ experience in the landscaping business has helped clients create visually stunning outdoor spaces. Here are a few pointers that we have picked up along the way that will help you make the most of your backyard.



The key to a pristine, gorgeous yard lies in the preliminary preparation. Firstly determining what the purpose (or purposes) of the yard are to be, will structure the way in which finances and space are used.

In general, most backyards serve as:

  • A garden and lawn
  • A swimming pool and pool surrounds
  • A deck area
  • A way to increase property value

Make a note of what you’re interested in developing, and how this works with other constraints (like finances and council laws). Then enlist the services of a professional landscaper to bring your vision to life.

 Alfresco Areas

An outdoor alfresco area is an extension of an indoor living space and can fit a number of purposes. Lounge area? Quiet getaway? Hosting area? Scenic viewpoint? Outdoor kitchen? The possibilities are endless.

These areas are well suited to the summer months and can seriously boost property value. These areas can be a modern and elegant addition to most homes and will help you claim every single inch of property.

Outdoor Decks

The BBQ is an Australian institution. A specialty timber deck or extra kitchen space can transform this pastime into a modern, sleek experience. You could add a bar area to the deck to expand the entertainment possibilities (and more importantly, to store BBQ supplies on site).

Aside from a range of materials and design styles to choose from, you can customise this space further with additional tables and chairs to extend the hosting possibilities. Kick-start summer with BBQs in your neighbourhood’s premier outdoor lounge spot.

Garden Maintenance

Having a neat, visually appealing garden is the cornerstone of a beautiful backyard – this also does wonders for your property value. Taking care of a garden doesn’t have to be difficult! Simple, inexpensive tricks, like the following, can go a long way:

  • Adequately conditioning the soil with organic mulches and composting
  • Injecting some colour through floral arrangements, trees, and shrubbery
  • Experimenting with ornamental grass to create new textures

Water Features

An elegant solution that adds life, colour and movement to a backyard is through the use of  water features. A pond or fountain can quickly amplify the serenity of your backyard. Remember that a water feature will require maintenance, however, this little bit of extra work is worth it as the transformation of your outdoor living space will be stunning.

Winter Landscaping & Gardening Tips

Don’t let your garden lose its lustre and allure this winter. Use some simple landscaping insights to help get the best of your garden, and keep potential buyers inspired.

Mulch and Compost

The first step to great garden maintenance is to look after your garden beds well. Free, effective organic mulches can be created in your backyard with autumn leaves and food scraps. Treating your soil this winter with mulch and compost will help by:

  • Keeping garden beds warm and moist
  • Giving soil vital nutrients from decomposing material
  • Keeping weeds from sprouting and growing

Simply, well treated soil will keep your garden looking neat, and look low-maintenance to anyone interested.

Winter Trees

The winter can zap any trace of colour away, but some winter superstars can reintroduce life and texture. Birch is a cost-effective, and bold option that will stand out against other garden life; you can use different sizes depending to fit the architecture of your yard.  We usually recommend paper and yellow birch as excellent choices. Similarly bold trees can really frame a garden nicely, and add depth to the landscape.

Splashes of Colour

Contrary to popular opinion, some densely bright and colourful foliage can be right at home in winter. Violas and Primroses bring life and contrast to a garden bed, but will require time and attention beforehand to get them at their best in the winter. Similarly, plants that sprout berries are shortcuts to a vibrant garden arrangement.


Evergreen trees are always great additions to a yard all-year round, but can really shine in the midyear. Some even bear berries as an added bonus! Evergreens come in a variety of shapes to compliment the architecture of your gardens, and will give lovely textures and depth.

The Grass is Always Greener

Adding ornamental grass is a time-tested tool to bring dynamic height and colour, and can really easily complement the existing texture. Plume and maiden grass are always great options, whilst purple mountain grass adds a great visual flourish. This is a relatively inexpensive, but creative option that can withstand the winter.

Outdoor Hardware

There’s only so much you can do with the greenery. Your outdoor courtyard is just as important, and can take over in the winter as your main visual fixture. You’ll need fixtures made of durable and rain resistant materials. Even adding a simple lighting system can make a world of difference, by highlighting your garden’s natural architecture and visual flourishes.