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Collingwood does not live in Melbourne's shadow; but rather, is the brightest neighbourhood in the city. Over the last decade, the former industrial hub has transformed into a magnet for creative people from not only Australia, but from around the world, too. There's a palpable energy in the air-one that fuels the fires of artists, musicians, designers, and their ilk. Collingwood combines the best of both worlds: vibrant and current, whilst still intimate and inspiring.

Lantern is nestled in between Collingwood's thriving green spaces: Fitzroy gardens' magical, miniature village to the south, Yarra Boulevard's cyclist and kayaker haven to the east, and Carlton gardens' historical, manicured lawns to the west. The latter is also where one will find the Melbourne museum, a post-modernist fixture that walks the line between past and future.

Expansive balconies are but the beginning of lantern's merging of indoors and out. Residents can count communal spaces as a continuation of their living experience. A sun-dappled, rooftop recreation deck is a sanctuary far above street level, perfect for entertaining or escaping. A curved, slatted pergola provides protection from the elements and allows for year-round enjoyment in the company of native grasses and blooms.

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Bed Bath Car Price
1 1 0 $419,000
2 1 1 $649,000

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193 Wellington Street- Lantern COLLINGWOOD 3066 VIC AUS Get Directions >

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