Moving House and Packing Tips

Packing is probably the most important aspect of your move. You need to give yourself enough time to pack properly and safely or you risk damaging your treasures before they get to your new address. Packing for moving is more than just throwing things in a box, it’s about packing methodically to make the process easier for you, your removalists and your treasures.

Here are the top packing tips for moving house:

Arm Yourself With Quality Packing Materials

Packing is so much easier if you have the right materials to turn to. The first thing you need is quality moving boxes that are double-corrugated. Secondly, you need to purchase some bubble wrap, packing tape, zip-lock bags in a range of sizes and plastic wrap and heavy-duty moving blankets for larger items.

You should also invest in some butcher’s paper. Never use newspaper as the ink can run and stain your valuables.

Create an Inventory

An inventory serves two important purposes; it tells you which box or bag everything is in and it also makes sure that everything you packed ends up at your new address. Create a labelling system that matches up with the inventory. A colour-coded system works well, so you attach a coloured sticker to a box and then mark the item on the inventory with the same colour.

Make a Packing Plan

Like everything, good packing starts with a good plan. You need to work out where you’re going to begin and the best place to start is with rarely used items, such as CD’s, books, DVD’s and any items you have in out-of-reach storage spaces such as roofs or garages.

After you’ve packed these items you can begin working from room to room. By working in this way, you ensure that items from rooms end up in the same boxes, which makes unpacking a lot easier.

Packing the Boxes

The first thing you need to do is reinforce the bottom of your box with heavy-duty packing tape. When filling the boxes, it’s important that weight is distributed evenly, so heavy items go on the bottom and lighter items go on top.

Don’t be tempted to overfill your boxes. Only fill them to a point where one person can carry them comfortably and they can be closed at the top. This makes it easier for your movers and it also reduces the risk of the bottom falling out of your boxes. Filling in empty spaces with bubble wrap or soft material helps to limit movement and prevent breakage.

Pack Smart

It’s unlikely that you’ll unpack everything on the first night. Moving house is exhausting and chances are you’ll have a very early night. So, to make life easier pack a box full of all the things you’ll need on the first night. It should be filled with things like linen, towels, pyjamas, a change of clothes and toiletries. Label it as ‘First Night Box.’


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