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Property management

Property Management

Why you should choose ParkTrent

As an investment property owner, you need to get the most return on your rental property. This means finding experts to partner with to take over the day-to-day management of your home. You should choose ParkTrent Property Management. Here’s why:

  • We have extensive experience managing investment properties all over Australia.
  • Our focus is on property management but we also have access to other companies within our group that can assist you with finance as well as buying new investment properties.
  • We guarantee that you’ll get outstanding customer service.
  • We will always do our due diligence and extensive checking to ensure that your property attracts the best tenants.
  • We will do everything in our power to foster a supportive relationship with your tenants to ensure longevity in their tenancy.

What if I currently have a property manager?

If you have an existing property manager and you’re not satisfied with their service, ParkTrent can organise for the seamless and stress-free transition from your existing manager to the ParkTrent team.

What a great property manager does

The difference between an average property manager and a ParkTrent property manager is substantial. ParkTrent is known for our great team of property managers who truly care about you and your investment.

Our main priorities are to make sure that your property is occupied by reliable tenants and your investment is getting the returns you want. This is how we achieve these goals:

  • We perform regular inspections on your property.
  • We negotiate lease renewals on your behalf.
  • We recommend proactive maintenance you can make to maximise your return.
  • We assess the market to ensure that your property is competitive.
  • We are part of a group of companies that can help with financial and new property assistance as well as other complementary services.

If you would like more information about our property management services, please contact your local office or call our customer service team on 1800 652 224.

Property Management Process

ParkTrent Property Management can help property investors make the most of their investment. It doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased an investment property with the help of ParkTrent Real Estate or another agency, we can offer a seamless transition to our team of experts.

Our property management process contains 4 steps.

Step one the Initial meeting

This first meeting is important because it gives an idea of your goals and any specific requirements you might have. It also gives you information about our services and fee structure. It’s important that you choose a property manager that you work well with – that is the foundation for a great relationship. If you have any questions about how we will manage your property, now is a great time to ask them.

Step two finding the best tenant

Finding the right tenant is a must and we work hard to find the best one.  We keep a large database of registered tenants looking for accommodation, so that is often where we start. We also place a range of ads in the general market through various channels like print, online advertising and mail drops. We will follow your direction for the amount of advertising you’d like to do.

After advertising the property, and receiving applications, we do thorough background checks to ensure that tenants are able to pay rent on time and they will care for the property (this information is available via two national databases. We also call references).

When we find the best tenant we negotiate the best rent for the property and seek your approval of the candidate and price before signing the agreement.

Step three managing your property

The day-to-day management of your property includes scheduling periodic inspections, organising proactive maintenance, attending to tenant requests and coordinating rental payments. We also stay on top of the market and identify when an increase in rent may be necessary.

Step four financial reporting

As a property investor we know that it is important to provide you with up-to-date reports and statements. We provide you with detailed reports that include information like:

  • income received from rental payments;
  • fully detailed particulars of disbursements for water rates, repairs or maintenance;
  • details of all extra costs consented to and paid on your behalf.

We ensure that financial records and accounts are forwarded to you for use in preparing tax returns, in monitoring your investment and in maximising your property investment returns.

Your tenants

The success of any tenancy comes down to finding the right tenants. It’s that simple. As property managers we know that success relies on a few different factors:

  • checking the facts
  • being clear about expectations
  • being professional.

Checking the facts – how far do we go?

We screen our tenants thoroughly. The ParkTrent screening process ensures that we meet both our company and government guidelines. Prospective tenants fill out a written rental application that contains information about employment, income and credit history, identity document forms, information about past evictions, bankruptcies and references.

All checks include:

  • cross-checking with previous landlords and references;
  • verifying income, employment and bank account information;
  • obtaining your tenant’s credit report.

We use all of this information to compile a detailed report. We give this report to you so that you can make the final choice of your new tenants.

Be clear about expectations

At the beginning of each tenancy we meet with the tenant and cover all aspects of the lease agreement, identifying their obligations. This initial meeting generally lasts an hour. We’ve found that taking this time, and being clear about the expectations of our company and our owner, is a great starting point for a successful partnership.

Being professional

As a property investor, you know that there are some situations that need to be handled carefully – and that’s especially true when dealing with tenants in your property. Emotions can run high, which is the reason why ParkTrent fosters an environment of professionalism. All of our team members are courteous and helpful when dealing with our property owners and our tenants. Here’s how we keep our relationships professional:

  • All communication regarding your property is in writing.
  • We always follow up issues and never leave them unresolved.
  • We deal with maintenance and tenant requests quickly.
  • We treat all requests fairly.

Do you have any questions? If you would like more information about how we select quality tenants, please contact your local ParkTrent Real Estate agent by visiting our offices page or call our Customer Service Team on 1800 652 224.

Building your rental property portfolio

ParkTrent offers specialised support for property investors who want to build a rental property portfolio. Many of our landlords choose to expand their rental property portfolios by acquiring several properties at once. Our Property Investment Specialists can show you how.

How to start a property portfolio

With the right advice, and the right team behind you, the average Australian family could build a million dollars’ worth of net property assets. This would certainly come in handy for a relaxing retirement.

We can show you how to:

  • buy property in high capital growth areas;
  • buy property that will generate a good rental income through high rental yield;
  • effectively finance your property portfolio for maximum return.

If you have questions about starting a property portfolio, we can help. We invite you to attend one of our free property investment seminars to learn more about investing in property the ParkTrent way.

Alternatively you can contact us or call our customer service team on 1800 652 224.

Rental appraisal

Your investment property can become a long-term wealth-producing asset, provided you make sound decisions.

While seeking the highest rent may sound like a good strategy, having an understanding of what tenants look for, where they are looking for it and how much they are willing to spend is the only way your property will live up to its potential.

As real estate experts, ParkTrent will ensure that your rental appraisal is thorough, that it reflects the market and that it is prepared by an experienced property manager.

Be informed

Many investors receive below-average rental returns because of inadequate market research. This is where ParkTrent differs.

We conduct extensive market research, including conducting comparisons between your property and others that have leased in your area. We’ll also tell you how to improve your property to achieve higher-than-average rent. Even $10 a week extra rent can bring in an additional $5000 in income over 10 years and increase the value of your property by as much as 5%. Sometimes small suggestions can make all the difference.

How can ParkTrent help you?