The hottest new trends in interior design for 2020

For many of us, Christmas is a time when we get our ‘Spring Clean’ on, giving the house a much needed spruce in preparation for family visits, holidays, and relaxing at home for the summer; and what better way to enter this period than with all the latest secrets on what’s hot in 2020?

We looked to interior designers and home experts to uncover all the trendy ways you can upgrade your home in the New Year. But because a ‘hot’ list is only one side of the coin, we’ve also snuck in a cheeky round-up of all the things decidedly ‘not hot’ in 2020. Your home won’t know what hit it.

The ‘Grandmillennial’ era

What is this strange new term, you ask? Well, ‘grandmillennial’ refers to the idea of blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary trends, AKA your grandma’s style fused with Gen Y chic.Think classic interior features like scalloped edges, natural fibre rugs, botanical prints, and wall coverings, paired with modern designs such as open, white space and clean-line furniture. 

This trend feeds into another delightful trend, and that’s the layering of old and new. Whether it’s a mix of retro armchairs and modern lighting or classic wooden tables and sleek metal chairs, a mash-up of generations is starting to show up in interior design.

Go bold or go home

Yes, that’s right; we’re looking into our crystal ball and seeing big, vibrant colours in amongst that trendy white space. Monochromatic colours like cobalt blue, eggplant-purple, and forest green are coming into fashion. Thinking of freshening up your dining or living space? Why not try a bold block colour on for size? And it’s that too much commitment, start small with cushions, lampshades, throws, and maybe a feature wall. 

Another double-up trend here – the boldly coloured door. Want to dip your toe into the adventurous colour pool without going too far? Try a bright red, emerald green, or mustard coloured front door.

Big statement energy

What would a trends list be without a bit of drama? Well, in 2020, gear up for a few more striking statements. For starters, plush velvet fabric is making a wild comeback – although it’s nothing like the icky red velvet or yesteryear. We’re talking about burnt orange, dark fuchsia, and electric blue shades – on sofas, bedspreads, and beyond. 

Another way to bring a bit of drama into your home is with the classic black and white contrast. On opposite ends of the colour spectrum, this duo is the perfect way to introduce a bit of elegant drama to your home. Pair white cupboards with black countertops, white bathroom tiles with shiny black finishes, or black window trimmings with stark, white walls.

Back to nature

In amongst all the statement furnishings and bold aesthetics of 2020 trends is something a little more subtle. With an increase in search terms like ‘natural decor’, ‘soft textiles’ and ‘organic beauty’, there’s a movement towards creating a home that brings the outside in. 

For this trend, think more neutral tones and earthy textures – soft wooden panelling, natural fibre rugs, linen and rattan furnishings, and plenty of lush indoor plants. For those who prefer a more calming energy in their home, this trend will have you feeling blissfully soothed in no time.

Personal minimalism

It’s been Marie Kondo’s year, with millions of people worldwide parting with anything that doesn’t “spark joy”. But where has that left the interior design world? Well, playing off the 2019 trend of minimalism, personal minimalism strips back the clutter of your home, with just a few choice personal items as decoration.

It’s an intentional act of decluttering your home and making it feel light and fresh, with the only things remaining being ornaments, artwork and furnishings that hold a special place in your heart. Gorgeous antiques picked up on holiday? Tick. One-of-a-kind artwork from exotic lands? Double tick. Eyesore vase from Secret Santa five years ago? Show that stuff the door.

The ‘not so hot’ list

  • Grey on grey – we’re headed in the direction of bright, white space and clean lines in 2020.
  • Boring mono colour palettes – along with grey we’re leaving behind the beige, taupe, and other vanilla monochromatic colours. 2020 is about living boldly!
  • Museum-level order – we want our homes looking like we actually live there, so in 2020 try ditching the perfectly arranged coffee tables and couches, and bring on the organised chaos.
  • Industrial design – cold concrete, dull greys, and the feeling of living in an empty warehouse? Say goodbye.
  • Open shelving – stuck with an abundance of open kitchen cupboards, glass-door shelves or pantry goods on display? In keeping with minimalist vibes, consider decluttering or sticking your stuff behind closed doors. 
  • Fake plants – get your green thumb on and chuck the fake stuff to the kerb

Make your home yours

Regardless of your styling status, the trends of 2020 all come back to what feels right for you. Sure, lists of ‘what’s hot’ can prompt you to make grand changes to your home, but at the end of the day you’re the one who has to live in it. And if you don’t love it, that’s not going to work out so well.

Start small and try on some of these trends to see what suits your home and family. Maybe you bring a few pops of colour or some bold paint palettes into your home. Why not add a touch of luxury or more natural fibres to your IKEA wishlist? Whatever direction you take your future home styling in, use this year as an opportunity to start creating your dream home one rug, plant, and light fixture at a time.