5 Things Renters Look For In a Property

Every week thousands of would-be renters duck in and out of open houses hoping to find the perfect apartment. The competition is fierce, the checklists are long and the stakes are high. But what exactly are renters looking for when they cast their eyes over a potential place to live? And how can you do your best to tick all the boxes? Well, we’ve done the rental research for you – here are the five most important features renters look for.

The Location: Where is it and what is it near?

They say the golden rule in property is location and it turns out, they’re right. Most potential renters list the suburb as the single most important factor in finding somewhere to live.

A perfect apartment in a not-so-nice neighbourhood may actually be less attractive than a rundown rental in an up and coming suburb. You should also expect plenty of questions from potential tenants about your rental.

Where is the nearest school? How far away are the shops?

If you want to hook renters in early, have a fact sheet on hand listing all the services within close proximity to your property.

Size Does Matter: How big is the property?

It may sound obvious, but one of the highest priorities for a renter is property size. Basically, what kind of bang are they getting for their precious buck?

Whenever the property is listed, make sure it’s clutter free – the bigger it looks, the easier it will be to lease. Also if you’re thinking about renovating, let the renters know what your plans are – the potential of an extension may be enough to convince them to sign the lease.

Kitchen Quality: Size and Facilities

Kitchens have a unique way of acting as the beating heart of any home – probably because that’s where the food is kept. Therefore it’s no surprise that applicants believe a quality kitchen is a high priority. If you’re considering spending a little cash to overhaul your rental, look no further than the kitchen.

A slick and stylish cooking space, with all the latest gadgets will be a positive addition.

Serving up a kitchen that is both polished and practical is guaranteed to land you a lease.

The Great Outdoors: Balcony & Garden

These days’ people feel increasingly out of touch with nature, so an outdoor oasis is a big time selling point in the property game. While the quarter-acre block may be a thing of the past, renters still maintain that a garden, balcony or outdoor area is crucial.

If your property has size restrictions, try to bring a little bit of the outdoors, inside – think plants, large windows and as much light as possible.

If the property has a shared outdoor entertaining area make it your mission to ensure it is practically perfect in every way!

The Car Conundrum: Parking/garage

Long gone are the days of the double garage with enough space for Mum’s Nissan Sportiva and Dad’s Holden Astra. While we may be short on space, the car conundrum is still a present-day problem. Properties that come complete with a car space or garage will easily entice renters. Scope out the car situation on your property and be sure to brief potential tenants on their automobile options. Even the promise of a parking permit is an attractive quality to any renter who refuses to give up their wheels. Find out how much they cost and how many permits are available for your property.