5 ways to transform your spare room


There are many reasons why a room can become unused – perhaps your kids are all grown up and have flown the nest, or you don’t really use your dining room. No matter what the reason, a spare room is a chance to create a space that is just for you. So, what should you do with all that extra room? We’ve got 5 ways to help get you started:

Create a guest bedroom

This may be the most obvious answer, but if you haven’t already got a guest bedroom and you’re prone to overnight visitors then it may be the best option for that extra space! All you need is a bed, some cupboards and a bit of homely décor and you’ve got the perfect place for friends, relatives, or unexpected guests to spend the night.

Get back into fitness

Why not turn the spare room into a home gym, and dedicate some time to get back into fitness? Or, if you’re already into fitness, it may be the perfect opportunity to save some cash on that gym membership! Depending on how you like to work out, there are plenty of ways to transform your spare room into a gym! You might turn it into a cardio room with a treadmill and a rowing machine, or a weights room with a squat rack, or some scented candles with a yoga mat for a more spiritual workout zone – the options are plentiful!

Turn it into a home office

Whether you want to start working from home, or you just need a quiet, organised space to take care of your affairs, a home office is a great option for your spare room. Fit it out with some bookshelves, a couch, a desk and a computer and you’re ready to go! If you have enough room, you can also add a few armchairs and a coffee table to allow for your home office to double as a relaxing reading area.

Create a home theatre

With movie ticket prices getting higher and higher, it’s a great idea to turn your spare room into the ultimate home theatre! All you need is a projector, a screen & a few comfy couches and you’ve got the perfect place to enjoy all the latest blockbusters. Invite your friends over for a movie night, or enjoy date night in the privacy of your own home.

Give your kids a toy room

If your kids have too many toys and not enough space, why not turn your spare room into a toy room? This way, all the mess that they usually leave all around the house during playtime can be confined to one room, making clean up a much easier job!