Development Update: Spencer Melbourne, Victoria

Development Update: Spencer Melbourne

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Spencer Melbourne is set to blend modern and heritage in groundbreaking ways.

420 Spencer Street has always been a striking building. As one of Melbourne’s premier examples of art deco architecture, Spencer Apartments are building upon the existing 1930s building in order to bring old and new together to groundbreaking effect.

Construction has commenced and the following works have been completed:

  • Internal fit out of apartments has started and the lower levels will be fully completed in the coming weeks
  • Windows have been installed to L7
  • Level 12 slab has been poured
  • Internal plaster is complete to L3
  • Swimming pool has been poured
  • Next forming of Level 13, kitchens will be installed in L2 and L3, internal plaster will be installed in L4 and L5.

Estimated completion date is August 2017.

spencer-1 spencer-2 spencer-3 spencer-4 spencer-5 spencer-6

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