10 New Year’s resolutions for your home

The year of 2020 is upon us and everywhere you turn, people are making new year’s resolutions, starting diets, decluttering, and joining gyms. But come February, most of these things start to get old. So instead, we’ve compiled a list of gorgeous, healthy, and heartwarming resolutions that will bring more joy into your home.

Watch out 2020; this year is set to be the best and brightest yet.

1. Get back to nature

It goes without saying that one of the best things you could possibly do to lift the mood and atmosphere of your home is to fill it with greenery. Research has proven the benefits indoor plants bring us, from better air quality to literally improving our mood and brain function, but beyond that, they look darn gorgeous. From the Fiddle Leaf Fig and majestic Monstera to quirky succulents and hanging plants like the Banana Leaf or String of Pearls, you’ll never regret bringing living things into the home.

2. The love of a good dog

On the subject of living things, there’s nothing quite like a pet to bring renewed joy and fun into any home. And sure, not everyone will want a dog or cat shedding its hair all over the carpet, but they do make loyal, cuddly, humorous members of the family, outside or in. If you’ve been waiting for a sign you should adopt a furry friend, this is it. Your home will discover a whole new sense of purpose and lightness. 

3. Built-in mindfulness

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock this past year, you’ll know that ‘mindfulness’ is having a serious moment in the wellness world. And as far as personal health and psychological benefits go, mindfulness is the go-to solution. It can take time to break our habits of trying to do five things at once or rushing through every activity, so we thought why not build mindfulness into the function of your home to make the process easier.

For starters, move the dining table away from the TV and pop a ‘drop-off’ basket for phones by the door so that meal times become family-focused and distraction-free. Next, create space for ‘slow’ by popping an armchair in a sunny corner to read or drink tea in, maybe with your favourite candle or pot plant nearby.

Set up a tech zone for bedtime, where all phones and laptops get charged overnight to keep screens out of the bedroom. And while you’re at it, splurge on some cosy outdoor furniture to encourage more time spent outdoors enjoying nature, possibly with a new furry friend, a glass of wine, and your nearest and dearest.

4. Purge without the guilt

Everyone hoards things that don’t spark joy, from the ugly lamp your nana gave you to the out-of-place ornament from your mother-in-law. This year, we’re calling it – 2020 is all about guilt-free purging. You’re never going to fully enjoy your home if it’s crowded with things you don’t love or feel inspired by. So single out all those bits and bobs that bring your mood down and sell, donate, or repurpose – and don’t for a second feel guilty about it, because your home will be more joyful for it.

5. Decorate with joy

On that note, take another leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book and start thinking of your home as a place you should fill with joy; the same way you declutter things that don’t spark joy, invest in artwork or furniture or stylings that do spark joy. If you can find a way to fill your home with only things that make you happy, then imagine what a positive impact that will have on your everyday life?

That might mean investing in a really beautiful piece of art that makes you smile whenever you see it, reupholstering the couches with a playful fabric, or finally ditching the old bed sheets for some luxe bedding that makes sleep better than ever. 

6. Rethink your home’s purpose

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Next year should be all about filling you and your family’s lives with light, play, and happiness. And because it’s the New Year, it’s the perfect time to get creative. It makes sense to do some vision boarding and goal planning at the start of the year to think about your future. But at the same time, think about all the things in your life that already inspire you, and how you can make space for more of that. 

Could that unused spare room be repurposed as a reading room, yoga room, or creative space? Does your home office feel cluttered and dim, and if so, could you brighten it up with some fresh paint, plants, or new decor? Maybe cooking is what lights you up, so some improvements or new appliances in the kitchen could help further your passion. Look at what parts of your life put a fire in your belly and then reconfigure your home to bring more of these aspects home.

7. Make a pet-peeves improvement list

In every home there’s about 500 things that we’d like to get around to one day, but never do. So to kick off 2020, make a list of all the home improvements – big and small – you’d like to work towards over the course of the year. 

Some, for financial reasons, won’t be viable, but jotting them down turns them into a real-life goal. Others – like fixing the lightbulb in the laundry, touching up peeling paint in the bathroom, or buffing out the scratches in the floorboards – are more viable. Resolve to fix all these ‘little things’ that irritate you by the time the year is over, and you’ll notice your love for your home return.

8. Think of the planet

The environment has never been more of a hot topic than it is right now, which means there’s never been a better time to pitch in for the planet. Invest in a backyard compost or buy a benchtop Bokashi bin that accelerates the composting process and is perfect for smaller living spaces. 

Consider swapping light bulbs for more energy-efficient ones, read up on all the ways you can recycle more, try your hand at growing veggies in the garden, opt for appliances with high energy-efficiency ratings, look into solar power, and explore more ways to save water. It all starts at home, and you’ll feel more fulfilled knowing you’re doing your part.

9. Upgrade your lighting situation

Looking at more eco-friendly lighting is a must in our current state, but at the same time you want to find lighting solutions that are going to – you guessed it – spark joy. Do your homework and find lighting that helps perk up your mood, whether that be warm yellow lighting or something a bit cooler. Having soft lighting or salt lamps in the bedroom helps calm the mind (and set the mood!) while something brighter can help energy levels in the kitchen or foyer areas.

10. Bring the day-spa to you

We’ve never met someone who wasn’t instantly relaxed upon entering a day spa, so why not create this atmosphere in different ways at home? Stock up on natural candles with soothing aromas; try filling an oil diffuser with your favourite essential oils; invest in soft-textured cushions and throws; even up your sound system game to play relaxing music throughout the home.

There are a myriad of ways to commit to a happier and healthier home in 2020, and ultimately, it  comes down to what makes you and your family content. Finding new ways to bring more of what you love into your home life, as well as freshening up on the wellbeing front, can make massive improvements to your mood, energy levels, and overall life satisfaction. 

Forget diets, dating, and unsustainable life changes – elevating your home life is where it’s at this year.