2019 Decor Trends – What can we expect to see?


Trends come and go and it might seem impossible to keep your home up to date with every trend that hits the market each season, but there are many ways we can work trends into the spaces we’ve slowly curated over the years to make them feel fresh and current. The drive towards natural factors is the focus for 2019. Believed to be lead by the buzz surrounding the desire to embrace a peaceful retreat from our busy, modern lifestyles (see our ‘Hygge’ blog post for more on this phenomenon). Here are the trends to keep an eye on for the new year-

Natural Elements:

First on the list to dominate décor trends for 2019 is the incorporation of fresh, natural elements such as stone, concrete and granite. These elements bring an organic and serene feel to the space while reflecting the outside world. Using art pieces that incorporate nature or adding small touches to your décor e.g. on coffee tables and book shelves is an easy way to integrate this trend into your existing style.

Sustainable Fabrics:

Sustainable and natural fabrics are going to be a key trend for 2019. From throws and cushions to upholstered furniture. The good news is this trend of natural textiles will work across a wide variety of home décor styles, depending on your current style preferences there’s definitely something that can be incorporated whether it be something small and easy to install like a throw or macramé wall hanging or a substantial piece like a lounge or futon.


Silver and rose gold are said to have reached their peak, and it’s been forecast that bass, gold and copper metallic colours will make a comeback. Think lanterns and candle holders, framed mirrors and lamps to add a subtle touch of metallic to your décor.

Earth Colours:

Sticking with the homely theme, in 2019 earth tones are set to make a comeback. In the endeavour to make an interior more “natural”, burnt oranges, warm beiges and multiple shades of green create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.