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Indoor Plant Trend 2019

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Adding greenery to your living quarters is set to continue to be as big of a trend in the New Year as it was in 2018. Decking out your space with affordable leafy plants is an easy and effective way to instantly make a space feel more stylish.

Whether you choose to shop from the ever growing array of artificial plants available on the market or if you have the green thumb to grow and maintain real plants, there is a variety of plants to suit your budget, skills and space.

If you choose to go down the route of artificial plants there are many realistic and affordable options. Kmart and Ikea both have a great range of different styles and sizes. A tip to make these plants look more realistic is to incorporate plant stands and baskets. Use different coloured pots in different sizes, play with scale by using plant stands, bookshelves and existing shelving, and hang plants from the ceiling with macrame hangers.

The other option is to grow your own. This is a commitment and will take a bit of planning and research. Not all plants will grow in your environment; there are many contributing factors such as climate, time of year and what part of your house you’re planning to store the plant. Head to Bunnings and speak to someone from the garden department, there are so many options it’s easy to get overwhelmed so choose something that you are confident you will be able to look after.

If you’re not ready to have exclusively real plants to begin with, try grouping artificial and real plants together. This is a wonderful way to start your plant collection and will create a green focal point in a room while still providing the benefits of having real plants in your living space.

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