Sun Safety

Australia boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and parks in the world so naturally we want to get out in the sun during the warmer months. It’s important to remember the significance of sun safety and protecting your skin. We all know that UV rays can cause irreparable damage to our skin and eyes and are also the number one cause of skin cancer but we might not always be taking all the necessary steps to protect ourselves.

We’ve put together a checklist to make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance at having a fun day in the sun while still protecting yourself and your family.

Cover up:

When you are out in the sun, wear a hat that provides protection for the face, back of the neck, eyes and ears which are at higher risk of sun damage. Wear clothes that cover your skin as much as possible, e.g. a loose shirt with a collar and if you’re swimming, wear a wetsuit or rash vest. It is also important to protect your eyes with sunglasses, a pair which meet the Australian standard for UV protection are best!


Use a sunscreen with an SPF at least 30+. It’s important to reapply regularly (every 2 hours) as well as after swimming or sweating. Beware of sunscreens that are “water-resistant” this does not mean they are water-proof and they still need to be applied as often as other sunscreens. It also important to make sure you’re applying enough sunscreen each time, it is recommended an adult uses 35ml (7 teaspoons) to cover their whole body.


It’s important to avoid direct sun exposure especially between 11am – 3pm when UV rays are the strongest. Seek shade as much as possible. If no natural shade is available consider taking your own beach umbrella or beach tent.