Which Season is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

So you’ve decided to sell your house, a big call that requires a lot of consideration. The next step is making sure you choose the right time in order to get the best price.

Spring is traditionally top pick, because everything is in full bloom. But then autumn has those magical colours. However, winter is popular because it’s out of season – so there’s less competition. And how could you forget about summer!?

Chances are you now feel more confused than ever. Never fear, help is here!

We’ve come up with the ultimate seasonal guide to selling real estate.


There’s no denying the pulling power of spring in the property game. It’s always been the most popular season to sell a house in Australia. Gardens are in full bloom, the weather is perfect and people are just begging to buy your house – or so the theory goes. However, the current Australian property market – and low interest rates – means spring is no longer the best bet. More homes on the market, means more competition, which drives down your selling price. Sure the weather is great, but this is Australia, even when the weather is bad, it’s pretty good.

Sorry spring but your time in the sun is over.

VERDICT: The market will be flooded with properties and you’ll get lost in the crowd. Sit tight and hold out, you’ll be happier in the long run. 


If you’re looking to sell your property then our top tip is to wait for the summer/autumn window and capitalise on what these seasons bring. Summer can be a great time to list the property, depending on the style of home. If you’re intent on going to market between December and January, then host inspections early in morning, before the summer sun heats the house up.

What you should be looking to do is use the summer season as a prep period.

Get the house in the best shape possible for sale. During the summer holidays, families who are thinking about purchasing have time to research, prepare and transition into “buyers.”

Come autumn, you’ll have an influx of people wanting to get into the market and your property will be in peak condition. A recent survey by Housing Industry Australia found that March registered the highest percentage of houses sold. So as the autumn leaves are falling, the number of houses being sold is rising.

VERDICT: Autumn is the new spring. While summer can still be a solid selling season, use the warmer months to prime your property. Then go to market in early March as autumn kicks in.


Baby its cold outside! But that doesn’t mean you should put your home in hibernation! The theory around dipping your toe in the market during winter time is that there is less competition for sale. The reality is winter is never going to be the prime time to sell. It’s cold, dark and there are less buyers pounding the pavement. However, certain types of homes can come to life in the cooler months. If your property has a “comfy, cosy, winter cottage” vibe, then feel confident moving into the market place.

VERDICT: Winter can work wonders for the right type of house, but if you don’t need to sell, then waiting is your best option.