20 ways to add value to your home

Feel like there’s potential to pump up the price of your property but don’t want to spend a fortune? No worries, here are twenty easy-to-execute tips that will increase the value of your home, without braking the bank.

  1. A lick of paint: Consider it a facelift for your home. A fresh coat of paint will inject a little life into your house and give it the kind of edge that can result in a low-fuss value increase.
  1. Bring the outside in: By building a bridge between the outdoors and the indoors of your house, you create the illusion of a bigger and more open space. Purchasing indoor plants and installing glass doors will work a treat.
  1. Light and Airy: When your house is on the market, make a point of opening windows, blinds and curtains. The more your house is allowed to breathe, the more attractive it will be to prospective buyers.
  1. Mirrors: This is about more than just checking how good you look in the morning. Investing in smart, full-length mirrors will pay dividends by bringing depth to a room.
  1. Send in the stylist: If you’re serious about earning some extra cents on your property, then hiring a home stylist is a no-brainer. They’ll theme your house, recommend the best DIY-decorations and bring style on a budget.
  1. Backyard Blitz: Get the garden going with a quick outdoor overhaul. Low cost landscaping is a great way to add value, without breaking the budget. Look to purchase some low-cost plants, trees and flowers.
  1. Art: If your walls are a little bare, then you can treat yourself to some instant artwork. There are companies that will hire out artworks, posters or wall features as you need them.
  1. Front Door Fix-Up: First impressions count and if your front door looks more ragged than regal, you’ve got a problem. Either spend the cash on a brand new door or you can refurbish your existing one for around $100 bucks.
  1. Kitchen & Bathroom: Two of the most important areas to a house – value wise – are the kitchen and bathroom. You don’t have to spend up, but small changes can have a big return.

When it comes to the kitchen, switching out a stained sink for a new one or forking out for a professional oven clean may hit the spot.

In the bathroom, make aesthetic changes. Replace old faucets, strip ancient wallpaper and scrub down the shower.

  1. Carpets & Rugs: A steam cleaner can work wonders on weathered carpet and run down rugs.
  1. Update Appliances: Anything that looks shiny and new will make potential investors feel good – upgrade people!
  1. Think about flooring: Floating floorboards are a good option if what’s underfoot needs an update. With a variety to suit all budgets, they can change the look and feel of a dated house.
  1. Lighting: Dark, dim, dank and depressing – these are things you don’t want people to associate with your property. Ensure your house is adequately lit – think lamps or overhead lights – to brighten up your place on a budget.
  1. Hire a real deal cleaner: Cleanliness counts, so if you’re hoping to land a tidy profit on your property when it goes to market, shelling out around $200 for a professional house clean is money well spent.
  1. Oil the Deck: Is your outdoor entertaining area looking more drab than fab? A quick coat of oil is a cost effective way to revitalise a rundown deck.
  1. Curb appeal: A slick exterior is a fool proof way to add value to your home. Curb-side critics will be quick to judge – so fix faulty fences, tidy the garden and hide the bins.
  1. Bring on the bedrooms: A recent realtor survey found that bedrooms increase house value by more than four percent. If you’ve got a spare study or basement, a quick bedroom transformation may pump up the property price.
  1. Walk in wardrobes: Never underestimate the importance of wardrobe space. If you can find a little wiggle room to expand on your existing wardrobes, chances are you’ll please potential investors.
  1. Maximise Storage Potential: Consider upgrading your home’s storage by adding custom shelving systems to a closet or garage.
  1. Pave outdoor areas: If your outdoor area is more mean than green, try paving available space for a cleaner look.